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Yo, it's Lara aka Rivet Licker. I'm your average alternative, blue haired weirdo, nerd from Sydney, Australia. I'm a 26 year old flesh unit. I haven't really changed my hair since 2012, except the cut. My name is known throughout the fake hair world because I taught a lot of people how to make synthetic dreads, and still do, click on my YouTube link above to see me in all my High Def glory! I used to make and sell dreads, then quit for reasons.
I live with a [stupid] disease called Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SYST-EM-IK LOO-PUSS ER-RHYTHM-A-TOE-SUSS), you might think "it's never Lupus", thanks to Dr. House. Well, it's not uncommon and it's a bitch to diagnose (and live with, for that matter).
I'm a huge nerd (no, really). I have studied professional audio in the past and I'm a qualified electronics technician thing, almost like an engineer, but I hate project management. I like physics. the Space Race, geology, sonology and not so much biology.
I still do love Lush, but have opened my horizons into cruelty free makeup,. I don't own or use anything tested on animals (or sold in China, or owned by a profit pushing asshat parent company, except for all the NYX stuff I bought before L'Oreal got to them).
I have a Border Collie called Jack, he's a derpface, he's my #1 dog, but I love all dogs. I am also a volunteer with Sydney Fox Rescue (don't question my ethics or my knowledge on the matter).
My bfflz are important to me, as are my two older, crazy housemates that I just happen to be spawned from, oh yeah, my parents.
I don't update this blog that often, most posts are straight from Instagram, but when I do, it's always about something important or something that impresses me.
I have said enough. Click the "Ask" link, as opposed to the "Ass" link to ask (NOT AKS) me about things.
Any business enquires should be directed to rivetlicker@yahoo.com.au

Things I post about: Alternative hair, synthetic dreads, DIY and crafting, chronic illness, nerdy things, physics, Star Trek, Lush, makeup, doggies, foxes, pretty things, awesome things and other things.

If you're from the LUSH crowd, you may know me better as "thedigitalprincess"* or "Digi", because I've started to help edit the Lush Wiki.
*I also make music under that name. Oh crap, I'm a musician as well?!


28 May 12

Hi guys!

This was my latest commission for my awesome babe of a friend, cold-blooded-angel, for her trip to Europe for Wave Gotik Treffen and Defqon.

They are mixed media falls, mainly foam, with ribbed tubing, mini crin (cyberlox) and rexlace.

I hand decorated the foam with eyelets and circuit print, and used glitter stars for some shiny!


Rivet Licker

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